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George Müller (1805-1898) is well-known among Christians. His name often functions as a synonym for faith and the power of prayer. For those unfamiliar with his life: Müller opened and operated orphanages, deciding to trust in God entirely for the provision of the money needed to do so. He did this specifically for the purpose of showing men that God was still faithful. The result was that God again showed Himself faithful, answering prayers in ways that seem more like legend than real life—except for the fact that they actually happened.

This collection of writings from Müller is meant to give you a better introduction to the man, his beliefs, and the mighty ways God helped him to help others. It begins with writings that, overall, describe his early life and conversion to Christ from a highly prodigal life. The next section presents writings that describe his “convictions and teachings,” covering the topics of faith, use of material goods, studying Scripture, and discerning the will of God. The next two sections are their own short articles, “Müller’s Encouragement to Those with Unconverted Family and Friends” and “An Address to Young Converts.” After that there are some portions from his journal. The booklet closes with two more articles, one on “Reasons for Desiring to Establish an Orphan House” and an “Exhortation to Perseverance in Prayer.”

Certainly those looking to undertake a “faith mission” similar to Müller’s will find reason to read his reflections on such matters. More generally, if you’ve been wondering what exactly it means to live by faith and to cast all your cares on God, Müller’s life is an exposition of both.

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George Müller (1805-1898) was a self-centered German playboy saved by a great and merciful God. Before his conversion, he was a liar and a thief, spending both money and self on the pleasures of sin. And yet God, having determined to display His great transforming grace, saved this careless and miserable man, making him into an able pastor of His people. It was in this pastoral calling that George Müller began what he is most famous for—the orphanages. The caring of orphans was certainly important, but for Müller it was only the secondary purpose for the orphanages. During the course of his pastoral labours, he saw many Christians in need of having their faith strengthened, and began to seek a way to help them. He was convinced that teaching was not enough, they needed tangible examples and living proof that God is faithful still, and hears prayer still. Thus he committed the orphanages to God, telling no one of the needs but God alone, and looking to God to answer all his prayers. By the help of a prayer-hearing God, George Müller was able to care for over 10,000 orphans in his lifetime, receiving the present day equivalent of over £101,000,000 in answer to prayer, and also to encourage many believers. Far from being a ‘great man of faith and prayer’ Müller’s life is an example of God’s power to change a lying thief into a faithful steward, and God’s faithfulness to hear the cries of His children. George Müller has for years been a pacesetter for me in prayer. -John Piper. Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN. Müller teaches the church about trust, wisdom, integrity and prayer. -Geoffrey Thomas. Minister, Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth, Wales. Valuable Selections from the Writings of George Müller is a collection of writings chosen especially for the impact they have had in the lives of countless believers. Most of the material was chosen by HeartCry Missionary Society in September of 2005, having been especially formative for the methods of that society, but has been added to, edited, and finally published by Granted Ministries Press at their request.
George Müller
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