Here you will find a list of projects with updates, expected release dates, cancellations, etc.


Active Projects:

Title: The Spirit and the Law: Defining and Escaping Legalism by Stan Choate
Brief Description:
A helpful and pioneering work on the subject of legalism, aimed at carefully defining legalism in order to help believers to avoid its pitfalls in themselves and others.
Status: Manuscript is Finished
Expected Release Date: Fall 2022 or Spring 2023

Title: In Light of Eternity: The Life of Leonard Ravenhill by Mack Tomlinson
Brief Description:  Stirring biography of evangelist Leonard Ravenhill, used of God for the saving of many souls and the edification of many saints.  
Status: Due to supply chain issues with Covid-19 the reprint for this title took longer than expected. It will be back in print soon.
Expected Release Date: June 2022


Inactive Projects:

Title: Seen and Heard, by James McKendrick
Brief Description: This is an account of God's triumphs through the gospel, all around the world, as seen and heard by evangelist James McKendrick. Very encouraging!
Status: Text Not Yet Ready
Expected Release Date: Unknown

Title: The Selected Writings of D. M. M’Intyre
Brief Description: We have read through all available books by M’Intyre and have
developed this compilation of chapters and essays which we think are most beneficial.
Text Not Yet Ready
Expected Release Date: