eBook FAQ

What formats do you offer?

We offer both the eBook standard ePUB format and the Amazon Kindle .mobi format.

Which format do I need?

Basically, if you have a Kindle you need the .mobi format, anything else you need the ePUB format. The ePUB format is used by Apple iBooks, Nook, Sony, selected Andriod apps and many online readers.

What is your licensing on eBooks?

With your purchase of an eBook from our site is a license for BOTH a mobi and ePUB file, which you can install on up to 7 devices that are owned by you or someone in your household.

Can I buy your eBooks directly through my device's bookstore?

If you use a iPad or Kindle, then yes. But there are some advantages to buying directly from us. They are:
  • You get both a Kindle and an ePUB version.
  • You pay a lower price.
  • Amazon or Apple doesn't get a cut of the purchase price, therefore Granted Ministries is benefited.
  • You get a license that should cover everyone in your household.
How do I install an eBook?

Instructions can be found here.

I've already purchaded but can't find my download link, where is it?

Did you purchase a physical item, such as a paperback book along with your ebook? If so read this. If not, follow these instructions.

I've installed my eBook onto the Kindle app for iPad, but now I can't find it.

Since our books are not downloaded directly from the official Kindle store your Kindle thinks they are "personal documents". Don't worry there is no differance, your Kindle just categorizes them under the "Docs" section of the iPad app. Just click the "Docs" Button on the top right of your app and there it is.