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The preaching of Paul Washer has had quite an impact on us, as is evident from the number of messages we carry from him. He is one of the few preachers who are able to preach as Richard Baxter recommended: “as a dying man to dying men.” God has given him a great gift for teaching truth in a way that brings true repentance and reinvigorates dying zeal. It seems that wherever he preaches, the truth of God is made clear to all present—and they either love it more than ever or unleash their deep, secret hatred of it.

For these reasons, we have sought to make his messages available even on MP3 format. Most of them are available as part of other MP3 collections, but the remainder are on this one. These sermons are of all different sorts. Evangelistic preaching, personal testimony, exhortation to fellow Christians, and theology all find a place here. We therefore recommend this series to anyone who wants to hear compelling preaching on a variety of topics.


A Godly View of Dating
Youth Evangelism Conference
Life Verses
Pray and Not Lose Heart
Our Ambition is to Please Him
Meaning of the Cross
Regeneration and Self-Denial
Examine Yourself
Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church
Charo Washer’s Testimony