Faith | Paul Washer

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Text: Hebrews 11

This series of four messages on faith brings out the true nature of faith in the Christian life. We believe these messages flesh out what is meant by the phrase, “We walk by faith, not by sight.” The main text for these messages is Hebrews 11, which perhaps stresses faith more than any other part of Scripture, but Paul also brings in other passages to the series.

Because “faith” is so easily misunderstood, and especially so today, this teaching is much needed. If you suspect that your understanding of faith is incomplete, or if you just don’t know what it means exactly to “have faith in God,” then listen to these messages. Any person wanting to be exhorted and encouraged to have faith in God will be assisted by this series.

4 CDs, or 1 MP3 CD



Faith (Part 1 of 4)-It Comes Down to Faith
Faith (Part 2 of 4)-God Is a Rewarder of Those That Seek Him
Faith (Part 3 of 4)-Faith Obeys
Faith (Part 4 of 4)-Childlike Faith