Loneliness of the Lord Jesus Christ | Charles Leiter

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Texts: Isaiah 59:15-17; 63:1-5; John 16:32

One of the most sobering things to consider about the Lord Jesus Christ is that He was the loneliest person who has ever lived. When the Lord Jesus came down to the earth and took on flesh, He really did become a man, and as a man He experienced a loneliness like no one else’s. In this sermon, Charles Leiter describes how the Lord Jesus did and experienced everything during His time on earth alone. However, Charles endeavors to emphasize that Christ’s loneliness was not at all the sinful, self-pitying depression that so many of us go through.

From his selected passages, Charles places emphasis on the occurrence of words and phrases such as “no man,” “no one,” and “alone.” The Lord Jesus grew up with no one who really understood the real reason that He came. He taught truths with joy and zeal, while there was no single person to fully understand them, to rejoice in them as He did, nor even to sit down with Him to discuss them. He constantly ministered to countless multitudes with no one to minister to Him in the same way. All of His earthly life, His times in prayer with the Father were utterly precious to Him, being the only real fellowship He could have with anyone. However, this in turn led to the deepest and most bitter loneliness, for at the cross even the Father turned His back on Him.

This sermon is so helpful because, having considered this aspect of Jesus’ life on earth, Christians can be all the more assured that the Lord has experienced the same temptations as we have with regard to loneliness, yet in greater magnitudes and without sin. Therefore, we know that He is able to sympathize with our weaknesses and that we can seek His help in the time of need.


The Loneliness of the Lord Jesus Christ