Word Became Flesh / Jesus Declares His Kingship | John Piper

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Texts: John 1:1-18; Matthew 21:1-16

In these two sermons, John Piper attempts to put Jesus Christ on display for all to see, first as “the Word made flesh,” and then as the “gentle King riding on a donkey” who will one day return riding on a white horse to judge the world. Piper does this hoping that believers will know Christ better and worship Him more, and so that unbelievers might be brought to surrender to this King, in order that all will “embrace Christ for who He really is.” Believers will be led to worship and glory in Christ through these messages, and unbelievers will be challenged to come to Him.

In the first sermon, Piper brings out five aspects of “the Word” from John 1: (1) He is Jesus Christ (v. 17). (2) He is God (v. 1). (3) He is called “the Word,” that is, God communicating and expressing Himself to us (v. 1). (4) He is the Creator of all things (v. 3). (5) He is Life, and He is Light (v. 4). Piper then closes with two possible responses to the text: not receiving Him (vs. 10-11), or receiving Him (v. 12).

In the second sermon, Piper looks at four ways in which Jesus declares His kingship in Matthew 21: (1) By riding on a donkey (vs. 1-5), thus fulfilling Zechariah 9:9-10. (2) By cleansing the temple (vs. 12-13), fulfilling Isaiah 56:7. (3) By healing the blind and the lame (v. 14). (4) By quoting Psalm 8:2 and applying it to Himself. Piper then contrasts these with the way in which Jesus will declare His kingship at His second coming.


The Word Became Flesh
Jesus Declares His Kingship