How to Kill Sin | John Piper

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Christian, have you resolved to make war with sin? In these three sermons, John Piper argues from Roman 8:10-17 that a man must learn to kill sin in his own soul in order to become a Christ-exalting, justice-pursuing, soul-winning, marathon Christian. He focuses on verses 12 and 13, and from them he endeavors to show the seriousness of sin and the necessity of waging war against it. As John Owen wrote in The Mortification of Sin,“Be killing sin, or sin will be killing you.”

Piper goes on to explain that, when we live according to the flesh, we must die—which refers to eternal death, perishing in Hell. He defines the flesh as anything in us that produces rebellion against and hostility toward the things of God. This “flesh” will make us feel like we owe it something, but we must stop paying attention to it. Piper demonstrates that we owe the flesh nothing except war. Also, Piper shows that, if we do not have a hatred for sin or a desire to violently kill it, then we are not believers; after God has justified us through Jesus Christ, we cannot and will not make peace with sin.

How then can we be free from the flesh? According to Roman 8:13, we have to learn to kill sin by the Spirit. He shows us how we are to do that, first of all by determining whether we have been justified by faith in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will not win this battle if we have not repented and believe that Christ died and paid for our sin. Secondly, we are to set our mind firmly on the promises of God in Jesus Christ as temptations come. Lastly, when we hear and believe His word, the Holy Spirit is supplied and works in our life. In summary, we must slay every temptation by re-establishing our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, going to the word of God, and believing and holding on to the promises of God. This way of killing sin will bring honor and glory to God.


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