Do Not Let Sin Reign in Your Mortal Bodies | John Piper

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Pastor John Piper’s expository preaching on Romans 6:12-14 reveals how this text is so applicable to the Christian life. He teaches Christians how to gain victory over sin which has been reigning in the mortal body. He begins with an illustration of a battlefield and its participants. He answers the following grave questions: What is the nature of the battle? What is at stake? Who is our king? What is the most deadly weapon? How do Christians fight and win the battle of sin reigning in the body? He argues that sin is a power and not just an act, and therefore willpower will not get rid of sin. He furthermore describes sin as something which takes our desires captive and turns them into judicious servants, which their selves bring parts of the body under sin’s control, making them into instruments of unrighteousness. Altogether, sin distorts truth, deceives us by making itself seem harmless and gratifying, corrupts our lives, enslaves us, and wages war against our souls.

Piper then labors to explain six points which will help Christians not to let sin reign in their lives and to live more for God. (1) Christ died for our sin (Romans 5:8-9). (2) We died with Him in God’s eyes (Romans 6:6-8). (3) God unites us to Christ by faith (Romans 6:5). (4) When we are in union with Christ by faith, God “justifies” us, which means he declares us righteous (2 Corinthians 5:21). (5) We should think of what has happened to us in Christ before we encounter temptation. We do that by bringing our mind and will into alignment with what Christ experienced and what we experience in Him (Romans 6:11). (6) Lastly, when sin tempts us to be weapons of unrighteousness, we prefer another ruler, God (Romans 6:11-12). Therefore, do not let sin reign in the mortal body…by looking at what God has done for you in Christ, what He is in Christ, what He promises to do for us in Christ, and by receiving all this as a free gift and precious treasure. In short, we reject sin because Christ is precious to us.



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