How to Get a Camel Through a Needle's Eye | John Piper

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Text: Matthew 19:16-30

Christians, have you felt discouraged praying for your loved ones’ salvation? Are you at the point of giving up because it seems so impossible? John Piper’s sermon on “How to Get a Camel Through a Needle’s Eye” will refresh you and encourage you to persevere in praying for God to do the impossible. He explains the theology of salvation very clearly. He points out that, in this text, salvation is referred to in six different ways: obtaining eternal life, entering into life, entering the kingdom of Heaven, entering the kingdom of God, being saved, and inheriting eternal life. Next, he brings out what is wrong with a common interpretation of this passage. Many people believe that Jesus is teaching that it’s hard for the rich to be saved, but that it’s not as hard for the poor. In response, Piper reminds us that Jesus didn’t say it was hard; He said it was impossible. The point is, salvation is impossible with man (rich or poor), but with God all things are possible. In other words, the hardness of men’s hearts cannot be changed without divine power. Nevertheless, we should not despair, because nobody is too hard for God to save. God saves and does what is humanly impossible. Because of this truth, we are encouraged to believe God and His promises, to pray, to fast, and to ask God to do the impossible.


How to Get a Camel Through a Needle's Eye