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The HeartCry Missionary Conference 2005 was given to teaching on the attributes of God, and evangelist Paul Washer preached these three sermons on God’s holiness. Although he intended to preach only two messages on God’s holiness and one on the power of God, Paul was moved to preach an additional third message on God’s holiness. His main reason was that Christians, especially those who are called as leaders, cannot truly understand God’s power until they can grasp the real meaning of holiness.

In his first message, Paul endeavors to show that holiness is far beyond righteous purity, as many Christians in our day understand it. Holiness is a quality of being, totally separate and different from anything else. In the case of God’s holiness, He is so different that there is nothing which He could point out as an example of what He is like. Paul also explains that God’s holiness is a pervading attribute that characterizes everything about Him; His every attribute is set apart, different from what we know and what we are. Thus, an understanding of the holiness of God is a doorway into understanding His other attributes. 

Paul’s second sermon addresses a more pointed aspect of God’s holiness: His moral purity and hatred for sin, and even His hatred for those sinners who refuse to submit to Him (Psalm 5:4-5). This second sermon conveys more than anything the reality that God Himself truly is the standard for moral goodness and purity, and that every sin truly is moral chaos. People have such a problem with Hell and God’s sense of justice because they really don’t think sin is all that bad. But when they see sin the way God sees it, then they will understand the wonderful beauty of God’s holy justice.

The third message is a plea from Paul that Christians would grasp this idea of holiness, both in their mind and in their daily walk with the Lord. We must not pursue holiness simply for the sake of being set apart, but for being set apart unto God. We must be holy unto the Lord.

3 CDs | These messages are also available with the complete HeartCry Missionary Conference 2005: The Attributes of God, on MP3 and CD.


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