Superficial Faith | Charles Leiter

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Text: John 2:23-25

In our day, just about anyone who says, “I believe in Jesus” is regarded as a true Christian. The possibility of a person having false faith, and not knowing it, is not even considered. Thankfully, many Christians have come to see how incorrect this is. But once you arrive at this knowledge, the next question is, “What, then, is true faith, and how do I know if I have it?” This is no small question, since one’s eternity depends on it. This message by Charles Leiter truly helps to meet the need of the hour. It is a careful explanation of what faith is and is not.

This message has been used by God to change many lives, and so it comes very highly recommended from us. We recommend it especially for anyone struggling to know whether they—or someone they know—truly has saving faith in Christ. But, we would also recommend it for the person who has never even asked the question, “Are all professing Christians really believers?” This message will do much to open that person’s mind to this most important question. Finally, anyone involved in ministry must learn to distinguish true and false faith, for the sake of those under them, and so this message is recommended to ministers as well.


Superficial Faith