Your Child's Profession of Faith | Dennis Gundersen

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Dennis Gundersen runs a Christian bookstore, Grace and Truth Books. At that website, the following is written about this book:

"Gundersen’s unique treatment of this rarely-addressed subject can make the difference between parents who participate in their children’s deception and presumption, or parents who truly guide him to eternal life. If a small child tells us he thinks he’s saved, do we take his words at face value? How do we test his profession, especially without seeming to doubt the child and discourage him? Many have found this book the most useful guide ever written on the topic."

We count ourselves among those who believe this book is an outstanding guide to parents, pastors, teachers, and anyone else who finds themselves teaching big truths to children. He is a fair and faithful guide in this difficult area. 

Revised and Updated edition The family is all together at home; you're in your favorite chair with a book; and the phone hasn't even rung once all evening. But then your seven-year-old daughter strolls over to your chair and, softly and with the utmost seriousness, delivers this most unexpected announcement, shattering the calm: "Daddy, I think I've been saved." Are you prepared to know where to take the conversation from here? This unique, helpful work addresses one of a Christian parent's greatest dilemmas: should I take my child's profession of faith at face value? is this real conversion, or is it possible that my child is deceived? You wrestle with so many questions---if I show any doubt, will I turn this little one away from Christ? If I speak words of assurance too soon, might I err and lead my child into presumption? What exactly should I say? You want to proceed with wisdom but you also want to offer hope. Here's a book which directly explores these difficult questions, ones rarely addressed in a truly practical manner in either Christian literature or preaching. Whether we are pastors, parents, or educators, having biblically balanced answers to these issues is essential to our work among children. Your use of this unique guide to a child's profession of faith can make all the difference between having a child who is lastingly sealed in self-deception or one with a well-reasoned, growing assurance. "Dennis Gundersen's book can help parents point a child to Christ, and guide them in walking along a biblical path that avoids manipulation and false assurance on the one hand, and presumption and neglect on the other." - Donald Whitney, Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality, Senior Associate Dean of the School of Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.
Dennis Gundersen
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