Violent Men | Charles Leiter

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Text: Matthew 11:7-15

Most professing Christians today have the idea that, once you become a Christian, you have permission to coast effortlessly through the rest of your life, and that God requires nothing else of you. The concept of waging war against sin is foreign to them. Biblically, such laziness is not only wrong but also symptomatic of the false faith that does not save. In addition to this, many Christians—truly desiring holiness—have thought that fighting sin is simply a matter of “letting go and letting God.” This also has no support from Scripture.

True believers, rightly engaged in the fight against sin, are spiritually “violent” and take the kingdom of heaven by force. That is the topic of this message by Charles Leiter, addressed to college students in the spring of 2005, calling them to lay hold of life violently. Anyone wondering about the true nature of the Christian life, and the fight against sin, will be helped by this message.


Violent Men