Testimony and Conversion | Duncan Campbell

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Duncan Campbell was involved in a couple of revivals, most notably the Revival on the Isle of Lewis (1949-1952). This message is his own personal testimony, and it is worthwhile for Christians to hear it. When the Lord saved him and called him into the ministry, he barely spoke English—Gaelic was his native language. Therefore, he could not apply to universities for a ministry degree. But even though most had to go through higher learning to obtain a ministry, the Lord used Duncan Campbell just as he was. The Lord used him greatly to bring many souls to a saving knowledge of Christ, and the supernatural power of God was evident in his life. His testimony also reminds us that we serve an almighty God who can powerfully save and heal souls through the miraculous work of revival. It encourages us to humble ourselves and pray for such a revival in our own day.

Since this is an old recording, please bear with some poor sound quality and an abrupt ending. Nevertheless, the message remains mostly intact, and the church will profit from listening to it.


Duncan Campbell Testimony and Conversion