Ten Shekels and a Shirt | Paris Reidhead

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Text: Judges 17

This sermon is a mighty rebuke of man-centeredness and pragmatism among modern preachers of the gospel. It takes its unusual title from Judges 17, a story about a priest named Micah who abandons one idolatrous ministry for another, all because he was promised ten shekels a new tunic. Paris Reidhead applies this story to what he sees happening today in Christian ministry and mission work. But today, the ministers are serving merely for their own benefit or for the benefit of other men, rather than the glory of God—perhaps without even realizing it. We find the truths of this sermon all the more important, since many today are completely oblivious to them.

Reidhead’s observations come primarily from his own work in Africa, and so what he has to say applies most immediately to missionaries. But he has plenty to say about Christian ministry generally. For that reason, anyone who serves in a preaching or teaching role in the Church will be helped by this message.

Ten Shekels and a Shirt