Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church | Paul Washer

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This message was given at the 2008 Sermon Index Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an organized but passionate critique of modern, western Christianity and also a cry for reformation and revival—both being needed. All Christians, especially preachers and teachers, need to ponder what Paul Washer says in this message; it is biblical truth which must be applied in our own day. His ten indictments may be summarized as follows:

We practically deny the sufficiency of Scripture.
We are ignorant of God.
We fail to address man’s malady.
We are ignorant of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We give unbiblical gospel invitations.
We are ignorant regarding the nature of the Church.
We lack loving and compassionate church discipline.
We are silent on the need for separation from the world.
We have replaced Scripture with psychology with regard to the family.
We have failed to discipline ourselves for godliness.


2 CDs | These messages are also available on the Paul Washer Collection MP3.


 Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church