Sanctification Through Suffering | Mack Tomlinson

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Text: 2 Corinthians 1:3-10

Christian, are you in the midst of a trial which is causing you to doubt the word of God or wallow in self-pity? This message will help you understand the purpose of your affliction. In Mack Tomlinson’s expository preaching on this passage, he states that God engineers Christians’ suffering and does not spare them pain, so that they will learn to seek Him with all their hearts, to trust Him through a refining fire, and to die to pride and selfishness. Hence, our suffering is necessary for our sanctification. Altogether, Mack elaborates on five major truths in this sermon: (1) God allows suffering. (2) God makes us dependent on Him through suffering. (3) God comforts us through suffering. (4) As a result of our suffering, we can be a comfort to others who are suffering. (5) God delivers us in our suffering. Because of these truths, we should neither fear nor give in to unbelief when trial comes. Tomlinson also gives practical advice for how to handle trials, and he encourages us with many scriptures about suffering that will help us to persevere in our faith. We can rest in the loving hands of God who is the Father of mercies and comfort and who promises to deliver us in our affliction.


Sanctification Through Suffering