Romans 1:16-32 | Charles Leiter

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In this four-sermon series, Charles Leiter expounds crucial elements of the gospel. The first sermon explains what it means that the gospel is the power of God. The gospel is powerful because it saves people and makes them righteous. Charles states that, when we think that it won’t do any good to share the gospel with someone, we are saying that the gospel is not powerful. The gospel is also offensive, if one is preaching the true gospel.

The second and third sermons discuss God’s wrath. People need “the righteousness of God” because God is filled with wrath toward our unrighteousness. However, God’s anger is not like our anger. Our anger is a sinful loss of self-control, while God’s wrath is His holy reaction to sin. We must not be ashamed of His wrath, because a God without wrath would not be worth worshiping. On a related topic, God showed His love for us by making a way to forgive our sins, so that we would not have to face His wrath. Charles also says that we must tell people about God’s wrath because “it is the only hope for lost men.” A man cannot truly repent of his sins until he understands how offensive they are to God. Charles also answers the question of how God’s wrath can be upon those who have never heard God’s word: all men are held responsible because they have the knowledge that God has given them in nature. People don’t go to Hell because they never heard about Jesus; they go to Hell because they are sinners who suppress the truth.

The fourth sermon shows that, when people reject God, He gives them over to a reprobate mind, so that they gradually become more and more sinful. In the end, they will be punished for their wickedness. Thus, when God refrains from punishing men, it is not mercy. Rather, it is judgment, because He is leaving them alone to pursue more wickedness, thereby earning more judgment for themselves. Finally, in this last message, Charles explains that people are judged for not glorifying God. This is man’s root problem, and the gospel is the only thing which can deal with it, by granting us the righteousness of God through faith.

4 CD | These messages are also available on the Charles Leiter Collection MP3.


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