Qualities to Look for in a Potential Mate | Daryl Erkel

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No one will disagree with the statement, “We should choose our spouses wisely.” The problem is, we don’t follow this advice. Most people start “going out” based physical attraction, an attraction which blinds them to all logic. When others come alongside and exhort them to think carefully, they say “of course,” but they then proceed to create imaginary virtues for their partners, rather than truly evaluate them. Hopefully, such people will realize their mistakes before they take wedding vows. But very often their errors only become evident afterward, and they then wonder what they were thinking.

The best time to think about the qualities you want in a potential mate is before you start a relationship with someone, for only then are you thinking clearly enough to set proper boundaries and rules for yourself. This article applies biblical teaching and common sense to the issue, and we think it will be of great help in getting you to think clearly on this most important matter.