26th Apr 2012

Pre-Order The Law of Christ, by Charles Leiter

We are very excited about this upcoming book: The Law of Christ: "As I Have Loved You..." by Charles Leiter. If you have been helped by anything that Pastor Leiter has said or written in the past, then you will certainly want to purchase a copy of this new title. The book sets forth the centrality of Jesus Christ for the Christian life with real force.

The book is scheduled to be printed as a paperback, but we are seriously considering offering it as a hardback, just to be sure it holds up through the use we think its 300+ pages will get. If that happens, we will raise the pre-order price to $6.00, but everyone who has already pre-ordered the book will still get it for the $5.00 price they paid.

To view more information and pre-order copies, click here.