Prayer | Bob Jennings

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In Christian experience, perhaps nothing is so vital as prayer. And yet, it is often one of the least understood and oft-neglected areas of the Christian life. For these two reasons every Christian needs repeated teaching on the subject. This practical, hands-on message by Bob Jennings is more of a guided Bible-study than a typical sermon. But the content of the message is extremely helpful. He takes us through several key Scriptures, asking and answering various questions along the way. Some of these are:

Who are the people that can talk with God?
What is prayer to God?
Who is blessed by prayer?
What should a Christian's response to prayer be?
What keeps a person from praying?
What place of priority should prayer have in the Christian's life and in the life of the church?


The message ends with practical helps and cautions in prayer. Remember, prayer is the distinguishing mark of the Christian: those who know the Lord pray, and this man of prayer offers us many helpful words.