Passionate Pursuit of God | Mack Tomlinson

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Text: Psalm 63:1-8

As Christians, we should pursue God passionately. Through expository preaching on Psalm 63:1-8, Pastor Mack Tomlinson labors on this very topic. He explains that our primary goal is to engage in a passionate pursuit of God and not seek after the things of this world, since they do not ultimately satisfy at all. Position, wealth, ministry, good looks, fame, and possessions will soon pass away and leave us empty, making the pursuit of God chiefly important. Mack also exhorts us to examine our motives when we seek God, whether we want His blessings, peace, or anything else, more than we want Him. None of God’s gifts will satisfy us except Christ, and His presence can and will satisfy a longing soul more than any earthly bliss. Furthermore, Mack shows that God loves us just as much as He loves His Son, Christ (John 17:23), though there is nothing in us which deserves this marvelous grace. When is the last time our soul poured out love over and thirsted after the living God? Do we long for God so much that our heart aches? Pastor Tomlinson encourages us to put away our distractions and inclinations toward earthly things and thrust ourselves into a passionate pursuit of God, to attain experiential knowledge of Christ until we see Him face to face.


 Passionate Pursuit of God