27th Jul 2012

Our Review for Evangelistic Sermons at Aberavon, by Lloyd-Jones

You can now read our review for a title which we've carried for some time: Evangelistic Sermons at Aberavon, by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. You can read the review below or click here to see the whole page for this resource.

Evangelistic Sermons at Aberavon, by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones served as pastor in Sandfields, Aberavon, Wales, from 1927-1938, before he made himself more well-known in London. During that earlier period, Lloyd-Jones believed in writing out his evangelistic messages word-for-word. When a box of such manuscripts was rediscovered in his attic after his death, twenty-one of them were selected for publication, leading to this book.

Lloyd-Jones preached in Aberavon when Europeans generally thought that mankind was greatly improving itself apart from religion, and so Christianity was considered an out-dated, soon-to-be-extinct system. These sermons quite often attack this false notion directly. While westerners are no longer quite so optimistic about humanity’s potential, such attitudes remain in our culture, propped up by the same rickety ideas as before: Darwinism and the basic goodness of mankind. So these sermons remain relevant nearly a century after their initial delivery. The other great theme of this collection is the nature of true salvation in Christ. In Lloyd-Jones’s day, just as now, many considered themselves to be Christians for any number of faulty reasons. Many of these sermons attempt to describe true conversion and Christian living, confronting the same powerless gospel which condemns nominal Christians even to this day. Once more, these messages apply well to our generation.