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We offer this edition of the book for free pdf download for those that want this specific edition. However, an updated version has been made by the author, and we would recommend you get that version directly from his website,  You may also purchase a print edition of the book from that website.

There are certainly many different books on the attributes of God, and many of them are very helpful (we recommend several). But this workbook, in our opinion, is the best introductory treatment of the Bible's doctrine of God. This is because you are not simply listening to another talk about the glory of what they have seen, but are sticking your nose in the Bible and seeing it for yourself. The other books have their rightful place, just as preaching has a rightful place in the church. But this study is not about listening or reading the truth that God has given to another, but rather is more like having that same preacher sit down with you, carefully guiding you through biblical passages and themes in order to help you see the glory for yourself, and to know that it is indeed the truth of the Bible. The book is clearly a book for newer Christians, but many we know have gone through the study even years after becoming a Christian and really benefitted from it. It is is truly a helpful study for anyone wanting to know more of what the Bible teaches about God.

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The One True God is a unique kind of workbook, intending not just to teach truth but to lead to an encounter with the living God. Beneath that goal the book aims to ground believers in orthodox Christian theology and the actual contents of the Bible. Students are encouraged to thoughtfully draw conclusions from the Scriptures rather than to merely absorb the principles, inferences, and illustrations set before them by the author. For this reason the book does not include such material and instead focuses on digesting the Scriptures directly. Through God's own words and under various systematic headings the book unfolds the nature of God. In this way the reader is set on a firm foundation and will readily perceive the centrality and high authority of biblical doctrine within the Christian life. It is the author's conviction that the study of doctrine is both an intellectual and devotional discipline. Therefore students are guided throughout the study to think through and apply the truths they learn, meditating on the demands of Scripture for their heart and mind. The book puts us squarely in the middle of the material, and demands we give searching thought to how we will live before such a God. This workbook is especially suited for the following contexts: (1) doctrinal training for new converts; (2) college or adult Bible studies; (3) private study; (4) Christian or home school curriculum; (5) Sunday school material; (6) an aid to parents in teaching the Word of God to their children. With much joy we make this book available, praying the Lord would be pleased to use it to ground believers in the truth of God's word; to encourage readers to discover for themselves the riches, clarity, and depth of that Word, and ultimately to come to know God more deeply. "Paul David Washer's study guide on the doctrine of God, The One True God, is the best introductory work known to me. It sets out great truths in clear and balanced form. Human authorities are not quoted but it is evident that the author is familiar with the literature of historic Christianity and accordingly he misses the pitfalls into which others might fall. Young Christians could scarcely spend their time better than working carefully through these pages." -- Iain H. Murray, Founder, The Banner of Truth Trust 'I will use and recommend The One True God often.' -- Jim Elliff, Pastor, President of Christian Communicators Worldwide "The One True God will lead you through a profitable exercise in biblical and systematic theology.... This is a wonderful work that I pray will help many grow in knowing God. Read it and be blessed. Read it and worship your God." -- Daniel L. Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary "In The One True God, Paul Washer has provided a sound, biblical, substantive theological study for those of us who have been longing for more. Anyone interested in bolstering their understanding of the Doctrine of God will find this study immensely valuable. Moreover, since The One True God is expositional in nature, it can also serve as a teaching tool to give young believers a solid foundation, or to aid in evangelizing unbelievers." -- Voddie Bauchum Jr.