Miraculous Healing | Henry Frost

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This book by Henry Frost is an especially even-handed treatment of the subject. Though first published in 1931, the book is still extremely relevant and applicable today. While he refers to some sicknesses in rather outdated terms, the substance of his book is not hindered by this in any way. Real wisdom is timeless and cuts through difficult and complex issues with clarity, simplicity, and equity. Miraculous Healing is a book of such wisdom. The clear logic with which the Scriptures are applied to the subject at hand is wonderfully helpful. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, probably the greatest and most influential preacher of the last century, said this, “Henry Frost has dealt with the matter in what I regard as a final and conclusive manner.” The book is only 128 pages, but you will not find a more direct, theologically sound, well-reasoned treatment of this topic in books three times its length. Notably, Mr. Frost's entire book is written in a true spirit of humility and Christian love. It is a model of Christian argumentation. If you have any uncertainty on this issue, do yourself a favor and read this book.

Frost's method is as follows: He begins by telling in detail, specific situations in which God did heal people. This is followed by the same thorough descriptions of similar situations in which God did not heal. Then he begins to give various relevant observations, comparing the situations and drawing conclusions. Next he looks at the lives of two prominent teachers of miraculous healing (A.J. Gordon and A.B. Simpson). These men had taught it was always God's will to heal (as many still teach today), and Frost examines their own experiences with sickness. From there he moves on to weigh some of the most common statements made by those who believe God's will is always for healing. Next, he considers the best arguments for this position and answers them biblically. Then Frost spends a chapter providing a biblical perspective for divine miracles in the age in which we live. This is followed by a well-rounded explanation and application of Christ's sovereignty regarding the issue at hand. With all of this considered, he then spends one chapter making various practical and spiritual deductions followed by a chapter of general conclusions in which broad principles and truths are stated in ways that can be applied to specific cases and needs. The book concludes with a personal testimony involving the author's own experiences with the subject. Highly recommended!

Sample Pages: Contents | Foreword, Preface, and Opening Testimony

This question has been the subject of a great deal of heart-earching throughout history. People's opinions have caused pain and euphoria - but have they shed light upon this emotional topic? Henry Frost's book has been a touchstone of authority on the issue of miraculous healing since its initial publication in 1931; it is still widely quoted. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, when asked to write o the subject, said he considered the definitive work had already been written - it's the book you hold in your hands now. Joni Earekson Tada wishes "that everyone who wonders about healing could read it" and says "I doubt whether you will find a more sensible and balanced treatment on the subject of divine healing anywhere."
Henry Frost
Christian Focus
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