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In these sermons, Pastor Charles Leiter is preaching topically through the gospel accounts of the miracles performed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Charles brings out that each miracle performed by the Lord Jesus was a kind of parable, not in words but in the actions and effects of Jesus and His miracles. Essentially, Jesus performed specific miracles, in specific locations, in the midst of specific people, and accomplished specific things by those miracles, all intending to teach specific truths about Himself. His miracles were also motivated by His unmatched love and compassion for people lost in sin. Not one of Christ’s miracles was half-hearted or accidental. He always had definite intentions to show who He is.

In this series, Charles preaches on Christ’s miraculous power over matters of every sort: gruesome illnesses, such as leprosy and bleeding hemorrhages; His power over demonic activity in His casting out of demons; His power over debilitating injuries, such as when Christ healed the severed ear of the high priest’s slave; His power over threatening people and situations, such as when He often evaded being stoned or killed before the time of His crucifixion had come; and His power over nature, such as water, food, the weather, plant-life, and the animal kingdom. 

One of the great truths in Christ’s miracles is that all things have truly been subjected to Him. Also, Charles is faithful to show that Jesus Christ is the one and only source of salvation and all true goodness, spiritual healing, satisfaction, and growth. Furthermore, Jesus teaches in His miracles that, apart from His active blessing, there can be no spiritual fulfillment, healing nor any success in ministerial efforts. Charles teaches thoroughly that Jesus did miraculous things to show that everything about Him is miraculous. His birth was miraculous, as was His righteous life and His death and resurrection. To follow Him as a Christian, as one of His disciples, is most certainly miraculous. No one can see Jesus as He is unless he dies to himself, and no one can follow Him in repentance unless He performs a miracle in that person’s life. All of this is Charles’ aim in preaching this sermon series. May all who hear these messages be helped in the Lord Jesus Christ.


(on disc one)
Overview (as preached at Bentley)
Water to Wine (as preached at Bentley)
Intro and Overview
Water to Wine
Feeding Five Thousand
Deliverance from Satanic Bondage
Healing Leprosy
Healing Paralysis
Calming of the Storm
Walking on the Sea
(on disc two)
Provision: Coin in the Fish’s Mouth
Healing the Ear of the High Priest’s Slave
Healing the Centurion’s Slave
Raising the Widow’s Son
Deliverance: Passing Through Their Midst
Healing a Man with a Withered Hand
Healing a Woman with a Spirit of Infirmity
Judgment: Withered Fig Tree
The Great Catch of Fish
Catching Fish
The Man Born Blind