Loving Sinners | Conrad Mbewe

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Text: Luke 19:41-44

This message was given at the True Church Conference dealing with the subject of hyper-Calvinism. Here Conrad addresses pastors and teachers concerning the way that a hyper-Calvinistic position, or even a heart that is cold toward sinners, locks you away from the possibility of Christ-like love for sinners. This sermon by pastor Mbewe is a stirring presentation of the glorious love which the Lord Jesus Christ has for sinners. But more than that, it is a faithful and searching application of such love to our own hearts and ministries.

Any Christian wanting to grow in love for sinners really ought to listen to this tremendous presentation of this aspect of the Lord's ministry. Every Christian leader has a real need to keep free from self-satisfaction in their present ministerial accomplishments. Like Christ, the lost sheep who are still outside of the fold must motivate us to ongoing, fervent, energized evangelistic efforts.

We cannot commend this message to you highly enough. If you feel your love for the lost has in any way grown cold, or even if your heart is burning hotter for the lost than ever before in your life, this message should stoke the fires and help you to reach out with a greater conviction about evangelism.

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