How to Meet the Doctrine of Election | John Reisinger

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This message is of real assistance in coming to grips with this controversial issue: God’s predestination of some people—and only some—to faith in Christ. In our day, this topic is usually never raised. And when it is discussed, it is only with great hesitation and expectation for argument. Thus, many Christians have never even pondered the biblical teaching of election. Those who have generally try to downplay or even refute God’s role in choosing men for salvation.

By contrast, John Reisinger hits the issue head-on. This is hardly a full discussion of election; such a treatment would take many sermons. But this sermon will teach you not to be afraid of God’s truth—whatever it may be—and trust in the righteousness and wisdom of God. Those finally wanting to deal with the doctrine of election will find this message a good place to start.


How to Meet the Doctrine of Election