Hell Is Necessary | Tim Conway

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Text: Revelation 14:9-11

This is a remarkable and profitable message on the doctrine of Hell. On the one hand, it deals directly with a topic that usually only comes up indirectly, and so it will help you understand Hell better. On the other hand, it is not a heartless, merely intellectual discussion, but it is a sobering message meant to urge men away from a terrible eternity. Tim Conway goes through four main points: (1) the security of the world, thinking that they will not go to Hell; (2) the severity of Hell; (3) the suitability of Hell; (4) and, surprisingly, the sanctity of Hell.

Many Christians at some point honestly wonder why Hell is necessary—more specifically, why eternal torment is necessary as the punishment for sin. The question is a good one. Failing to ask it can lead to complaining against God's severity as arbitrary or unbalanced, while asking it and looking for biblical answers (as Tim Conway does) will help you appreciate the twin glory of God’s wrath and mercy.


Hell is Necessary