Gospel in the Sabbath | John Reisinger

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This is a thought-provoking message on the Sabbath and its fulfillment in Christ. Many Christians are under the impression that the Sabbath commandment was a universal, eternal law from God which even Christians must now obey. Granted, they usually move the Sabbath to Sunday and soften its command against working, but many Christians nonetheless believe that they must somehow keep the Sabbath. But Reisinger effectively makes the argument that the Sabbath was a temporary commandment, given as a sign to Israel, which pointed forward to the work of Christ. Since it merely pointed to Christ, and since Christ fulfilled it, we keep the Sabbath by enjoying salvation rather than by resting one day a week. This sort of argument is becoming gradually more common in the Church, and we recommend this sermon as a good example of it.

Certainly anyone interested in examining the Sabbath—its meaning or whether Christians ought to observe it—would do well to hear this message. But this message could also be helpful if you are trying to figure out how the Old and New Testaments fit together, since it deals with that general idea.

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The Gospel in the Sabbath