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Are you desiring to donate to Paul Washer and the work of Heartcry Missionary Society? You can do so here.

To donate, go to the Quantity field above and type in the dollar amount which you would like to donate. It must be whole dollars, no cents. Then click Add to Cart.

If you wish to make a donation to Granted Ministries we ask that you read the following before you do.

  1. Please do not donate out of impulse.  We do not want this ministry to have one dollar more than it needs. A surplus of funds will only tempt us to distribute a more expensive and elaborate product. What we need to be doing is that which is simple, excellent, and wise. If you want to give, wait a few weeks and then reconsider. If your burden to help us is of God, then surely it will last the course of a few weeks.
  2. Please do not donate without prayer.  We do not want this ministry to have anything that God has not given us.  You are a steward with what God has given you.  Therefore, seek Him in the use of your money.  If He is for your donation or against it, surely our living God is able to let you know.
  3. Please do not donate to us instead.  We would be honored to receive any money you might entrust to us. We do not, however, want to pull resources from other places.  Granted Ministries is not a church–this is obvious.  We are a ministry of a local church. If your donation to Granted Ministries would in any way detract from what you ought to give to your local assembly, please, do not give.
  4. Please do not donate in ignorance.  We ask that you do not donate to our ministry unless you have really acquainted yourself with our efforts. We do not want you to regret your donation or feel that you have supported an unworthy organization.
  5. Please do not donate unless you can do so cheerfully and gratefully.  If these resources have not been of great help to you, such that you are glad to give, then please do not donate to us.  Do not give to us because we sent you something.  Give because you want to express your thankfulness to God and appreciation for the teaching on this site, and by doing so to help further the work.
  6. Please do not donate unwisely.  We want you to know how we spend the money.  All of the money goes directly back into the ministry. Whether order processing, book and CD production, supplies, postage, the purchase or maintenance of our equipment, and the wages of anyone who regularly works in the office to ship your orders.  If you have any other questions regarding how we use our funds, please do not hesitate to contact us.