Examination of the Presuppositions of Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology | Jon Zens

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We offer several articles that deal with properly understanding the covenants of Scripture. But of all these articles, this one by Zens is the most complete. It describes the two most common theological views on the covenants of Scripture, and then shows how they both fail to do justice to biblical teaching. He takes great pains to quote respected authors from both camps, making sure he accurately understands and explains both positions. He also speaks as one who has, at one time or another, ascribed to each system, so his knowledge is not hearsay. As for his biblical critiques of these systems, he shows how both their foundations and implications fail the test of Scripture.

This article focuses on what not to believe rather than what to believe. As a result, it is most useful for Christians who already have some theological learning and who are wondering how to assess what they have read on this issue. That said, Zens does, in the end, make some statements about how to chart a proper path forward, and so his article would be of some use to Christians who are not as well-read on this topic.

One word of caution: We do not necessarily endorse the views of Jon Zens in matters outside the articles we have posted by him. In recent years, despite his own different views, he has increasingly become more publicly associated with those who insist on the house church format. We are less comfortable with the direction of his ministry than we used to be, but the articles we have by him on this website are exceptional and deserve a wide readership.