Day of Atonement Fulfilled | Tim Conway

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Texts: Leviticus 16; Hebrews 8-10

The main purpose of this message is to show that the death of Christ grants what even the most important Old Covenant ritual (the Day of Atonement) could not grant: access to the presence of God. Tim Conway spends quite some time explaining the sacrifice itself, both its Old Covenant context and its actual procedures. But he also points out that this sacrifice could not fully cleanse sinners, and so they could still have no access to God Himself, as seen by the closed veil of the Holy of Holies. Conway then goes to the book of Hebrews and shows the supremacy and effectuality of Christ's self-sacrifice. In understanding this, we come to a vital and highly applicable truth: we can now tell sinners that their consciences can be fully cleansed so that they can know God. This message is also helpful for pondering the relationship between Old Covenant ritual and New Covenant reality.



The Day of Atonement Fulfilled (from the Granted Ministries Conference 2008: The Majesty of the Gospel of Christ)