21st May 2012

Behind the Ranges: The Story of J. O. Fraser

Granted Ministries now offers Behind the Ranges: The Story of J. O. Fraser, by Geraldine Taylor. Read below for our review of this title, or click here to go to the product page for more information and to purchase copies.



This classic, pioneer missionary biography will not disappoint anyone wanting to learn more about prayer or missions in China (and we recommend it to such). James O. Fraser (1886-1938) was led by God to work among the Lisu people of rural Southwest China. When Fraser began working among the Lisu, it appeared that the opening of gospel work in the region was years away. But by importunate prayer and the power of the gospel of God, the Lisu people began to turn to Christ. The whole region began to open up to the Gospel, and eventually there were thousands of Lisu Christians who had turned away from their animistic idolatry. Mature leaders were raised up, and a great work was underway.


Along the way, Fraser had a bitter struggle with depression which finally ended when he became convinced "that deliverance from the power of the evil one comes through definite resistance on the ground of the cross." (Consider the book Spiritual Depression for a thorough and helpful treatment of this general approach to depression.) Subsequent to this, Fraser sought the help of a "prayer circle" back home who would seek the Lord for "preaching and teaching the word of God, plain and simple. I have no confidence in anything else but the Gospel of Calvary to uplift these needy people." Through the efforts, hardships, and prayers of all of those involved in God's work among the Lisu, a great harvest was reaped.


This biography is very challenging and helpful. Geraldine Taylor has done a tremendous job in relating the history and spirituality of Fraser's life in such a way as to encourage and provoke the reader in areas of prayer and concern for the lost. The author's blend of her own narration and quotations from Fraser's journals and letters allow us to see example after real-life example of faith being tried and prayers being answered.