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New Covenant Theology

New Covenant Theology is system which believes (1) that the Old and New Covenants are two very different and distinct covenants, but (2) that they form one plan of God for history, a plan which focuses on Christ’s redemptive work for His Church and not on the physical nation of Israel. It also holds to the New Testament as primary for Christians, both for interpreting the Old Testament and also for Christian living. As such, New Covenant Theology functions as a mediating position between Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology.

We at Granted Ministries have a definite preference for this system, although it is not as common in history and very often misunderstood. But we must also state that New Covenant Theology is something of a large tent, and there are many in this system whose articulation of it we would not endorse. Nonetheless, the articles hosted on this site are generally representative and formative of our own views. We hope that you will use these resources to examine this viewpoint more closely.