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Most Christians either believe that God does not work miracles today, especially not through men, or they believe that Christians should experience miraculous activity as often as the New Testament Church. At Granted Ministries, we believe that neither of these teachings is biblical. We think that God is quite willing to work miracles today, but that He is sovereign over just how often He does them, and so we may or may not see the kind of activity seen in the first-century. A nuanced position like this requires careful teaching, and for that we suggest the resources below. 

  • Miraculous Healing front cover
    $11.08 $8.00 Miraculous Healing | Henry Frost
    LEVEL 2 This book by Henry Frost is an especially even-handed treatment of the subject. Though first published in 1931, the book is still extremely relevant and applicable today. While he refers to some sicknesses in rather...
  • Miracles of Christ MP3 | Charles Leiter
    $3.00 Miracles of Christ MP3 | Charles Leiter
    LEVEL 2 In these sermons, Pastor Charles Leiter is preaching topically through the gospel accounts of the miracles performed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Charles brings out that each miracle performed by the Lord Jesus was a...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 Miracles of Christ: An Overview | Charles Leiter
    LEVEL 2 Text: Acts 2:22 This message will help any Christian who desires to understand the miraculous works of Christ better. Charles Leiter focuses on these eight major points: (1) The ministry of Jesus was a ministry of...
  • Granted Ministries Article
    $0.00 Cessationism vs. Continuance | Charles Leiter
    LEVEL 2 While not a complete treatment of the issue, this article by Charles Leiter is a great place to begin your study of the miraculous gifts of the Spirit. He observes that most Christians have fallen into the error of...
  • Granted Ministries Article
    $0.00 Baptism in the Holy Spirit | Charles Leiter
    LEVEL 2 Though not an actual article, this document is a very detailed outline which compiles Scripture references on all major points of the debate over baptism in the Holy Spirit. You are supposed to sit down with...