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Here you will find a list of projects with updates, expected release dates, cancellations, etc. For a list of completed projects by Granted Ministries Press, click here.

Active Projects:

Title: Law of Christ Spanish Edition by Charles Leiter
Brief Description: 
Spanish version of The Law of Christ. The book is in great need down in Mexico and South America.
Status: Just started formatting the manuscript
Expected Release Date: Summer 2015

Title: Law of Christ Spanish Edition eBook by Charles Leiter
Brief Description: 
eBook version
Status: To begin after completion of physical book.
Expected Release Date: Late 2015

Title: Foundations for the Flock eBook by Conrad Mbewe
Brief Description: Ebook version of Foundations for the Flock.
Status: Just Launched!
Expected Release Date: Nov 26, 2014

Inactive Projects:

Title: Seen and Heard, by James McKendrick
Brief Description: This is an account of God's triumphs through the gospel, all around the world, as seen and heard by evangelist James McKendrick. Very encouraging!
Status: Text Not Yet Ready
Expected Release Date: Unknown

Title: The Selected Writings of D. M. M’Intyre
Brief Description: We have read through all available books by M’Intyre and have
developed this compilation of chapters and essays which we think are most beneficial.
Text Not Yet Ready
Expected Release Date:

Title: The True Gospel of Jesus Christ: A Biblical Study of the Gospel, by Paul Washer
Brief Description:
This project will follow up Washer’s two past workbooks on God and Man.
This project has since been transformed into the Recovering the Gospel Series.
Expected Release Date: