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All of the various audio files, of any category (sermons, Mp3 CDs, and music), are avaiable so you can listen online, download for free, or purchase a physical copy at low cost.

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  • Able to Save to the Uttermost | Bob Jennings
    $2.00 Able to Save to the Uttermost | Bob Jennings
    LEVEL 1 Text: Hebrews 7:25 This message from Bob Jennings is a thrilling look at our high priest, our intercessor. The message considers the passage under the following headings: (1) the need of an...
  • Granted Ministries CD John Piper
    $2.00 Advent Poems | John Piper
    LEVEL 2 These poems by John Piper are very stirring. They aim to convey truth about God and his ways with man, but they are at the same time imagined stories about people and events in the Bible that may have happened, but...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 Besetting Sin | Bob Jennings
    LEVEL 2 Text: Hebrews 12:1-4 So often as Christians we can fall into the lie and trap that our sins are too great for us: that their grip is simply too strong and we will never be free. This sermon by Bob Jennings...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $0.00 Choose Options Biblical Assurance Audio and Video | Paul Washer
    LEVEL 2 VIDEOS BELOW The issue of assurance of salvation is of extreme importance. Fundamentally, assurance of salvation is only possible because the Lord Jesus Christ has finished his satisfactory work on the cross, is...
  • Bob Jennings Collection MP3 | Bob Jennings
    $2.00 Bob Jennings Collection MP3 | Bob Jennings
    LEVEL 2 This collection contains four messages by Bob Jennings. "Able to Save to the Uttermost" is a look at Christ as our intercessor. It covers our need of an intercessor, His qualifications, the subjects of His...
  • Charles Leiter Collection MP3 | Charles Leiter
    $3.00 Charles Leiter Collection MP3 | Charles Leiter
    LEVEL 2 We have been tremendously helped by the clear, thorough, and thoughtful exposition of Scripture practiced by Charles Leiter, one of the pastors at Lake Road Chapel in Kirksville, Missouri. This MP3 contains all of...
  • Conference for Pastors and Teachers 2004 MP3 | Various Speakers
    $2.00 Conference for Pastors and Teachers 2004 MP3 | Various Speakers
    LEVEL 2 The Conference for Pastors and Teachers in 2004 was dedicated to the topic of the gospel, specifically in opposing modern, false ideas about salvation and replacing them with biblical teachings. The first three...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 Day of Atonement Fulfilled | Tim Conway
    LEVEL 2 Texts: Leviticus 16; Hebrews 8-10 The main purpose of this message is to show that the death of Christ grants what even the most important Old Covenant ritual (the Day of Atonement) could not grant: access to...
  • Granted Ministries CD John Piper
    $3.00 Do Not Let Sin Reign in Your Mortal Bodies | John Piper
    LEVEL 1 Pastor John Piper’s expository preaching on Romans 6:12-14 reveals how this text is so applicable to the Christian life. He teaches Christians how to gain victory over sin which has been reigning in the mortal...
  • Granted Ministries CD John Piper
    $2.00 Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain | John Piper
    LEVEL 2 "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me" (Mark 8:34). John Piper delivers a remarkable call to missions while urging listeners to give up the presumption of...
  • Granted Ministries CD John Piper
    $2.00 Don't Waste Your Life | John Piper
    LEVEL 2 This powerful message by John Piper urges us not to waste this life. The material used in this sermon was later used by Piper to write the book of the same title. The underlying idea of both this sermon and the...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 Examine Yourself | Paul Washer
    LEVEL 1 The idea of examining your own profession of faith is not too popular. But it is just what the Apostle Paul instructs believers to do at times in 2 Corinthians 13:5. "Examine yourselves, to see whether you...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $0.00 Choose Options Faith | Paul Washer
    LEVEL 1 Text: Hebrews 11 This series of four messages on faith brings out the true nature of faith in the Christian life. We believe these messages flesh out what is meant by the phrase, “We walk by faith, not by...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $4.50 False Prophets | Charles Leiter
    LEVEL 2 Texts: Matthew 7:13-23; 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 This is a set of three messages on the topic of false prophets, two sermons from Matthew 7:13-23 and one from 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12. Charles gives his own motivation...
  • Granted Ministries CD John Piper
    $2.00 For Whom Did Christ Taste Death? | John Piper
    LEVEL 2 Text: Hebrews 2:9-13 Part of being a Christian in this world is having theological disagreements with other Christians. Without question, one of the hottest sources of theological disagreement among Christians is...
  • Front View of the Digipak
    $8.00 $0.00 Free Man's Song | Stephen Gates
    Our Take We believe that this CD is exemplary of the kind of music we would like to see promoted in every generation of Christians: truth-shaped lyrics, biblical themes, Christ-centered devotion, experiential honesty, and...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $3.00 Glory of God in the Face of Christ | Charles Leiter
    LEVEL 2 Texts: John 1:1, 14; 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 Since the HeartCry Missionary Conference 2005 was about the attributes of God, it was most fitting for it to draw to a close by discussing the most perfect of all...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 God Carries His People | Charles Leiter
    LEVEL 1 Text: Deuteronomy 1:31 This is an extremely encouraging message for anyone struggling with external difficulties and perhaps wondering about the promises of God. Charles Leiter begins by discussing God’s...
  • Godly View of Dating | Paul Washer
    $3.00 Godly View of Dating | Paul Washer
    LEVEL 2 Most western Christians view dating as a good and necessary part of growing up and getting married. Paul Washer fervently disagrees, as he argues in this compilation of teachings, given over three days at a church...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 Gospel in the Sabbath | John Reisinger
    LEVEL 2 This is a thought-provoking message on the Sabbath and its fulfillment in Christ. Many Christians are under the impression that the Sabbath commandment was a universal, eternal law from God which even Christians...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $0.00 Choose Options Granted Ministries Conference 2008: The Majesty of the Gospel of Christ | Various Speakers
    LEVEL 2 Though the Granted Ministries Conference 2008 was dedicated to “the Majesty of the Gospel of Christ,” any proper discussion of the gospel must turn to Christ Himself, and so these messages deal...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $0.00 Choose Options HeartCry Missionary Conference 2004 | Various Speakers
    LEVEL 2 Texts: Philippians 2:12-13; 1 Corinthians 9:19-23; John 15:1-11 Although the HeartCry Missionary Conference 2004 had no stated theme, the sermons given at this conference all deal with living the Christian life...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $0.00 Choose Options HeartCry Missionary Conference 2005: The Attributes of God | Various Speakers
    LEVEL 1 This was a three-day conference dedicated to the attributes of God, and it was absolutely wonderful. Paul Washer’s three messages on the holiness of God were both sound and zealous. Mike Durham handled the...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 Hell Is Necessary | Tim Conway
    LEVEL 2 Text: Revelation 14:9-11 This is a remarkable and profitable message on the doctrine of Hell. On the one hand, it deals directly with a topic that usually only comes up indirectly, and so it will help you...
  • High Pointe MP3 | Paul Washer
    $3.00 High Pointe MP3 | Paul Washer
    LEVEL 2 These sermons were preached at High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, from June to December 2004, while Paul Washer was serving there as an interim pastor. For those who have been especially helped by...

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