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Sounds from Heaven: The Revival on the Isle of Lewis | Colin & Mary Peckham

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Generally, when people hear of a "revival," they think of a series of special meetings put on by a church, inviting the outside community to come and join in, hoping for lots of conversions. But revival, if it is real, is heaven sent, and as such can never be accomplished by planning a week of meetings. It is a radical move of God that for Christians results in a renewed fight against sin, with confession and restitution when necessary, a rise from relative spiritual slumber, a zeal for the honor of Christ in personal daily-living, and radically demonstrated love; and for non-Christians results in conviction of sin, widespread conversions, and real spiritual interest from the general public. After reading this book, you will get a true sense of what revival really is, how rare it is, and how it cannot happen without the work of the Lord.

Co-written by Mary Peckham, who witnessed the revival first-hand and was converted at that time, the book gives detailed accounts of what happened during the 1949 Revival on Lewis Isle. The first half of the book is very informative, giving the relevant history of the island as well as background information on Duncan Campbell, the minister the Lord used primarily during the revival. This section of the book also contains personal journal entries from Duncan Campbell, recording significant dates and events that took place.

The second half of the book is filled with various testimonies from others that were part of the revival as well. Many of the stories lead you to see just how powerfully the Lord can move. You can't help but read with awe, sitting in wonder at God's saving grace, especially when revival truly breaks out and so many are saved at once. These accounts are very personal and very real, and when finished with the book, it will cause you to pray all the more for revival to come again and for the Lord to move in the same way He has moved in these stories.

A longing for revival is good and healthy--how can we not seek the Lord for a great harvest of souls? But we must not make an idol of it. God's kingdom does not always move in such widespread and remarkable ways. But reading of times like this, in which He has moved in these ways, is a great encouragement to all Christians that there is, in fact, a powerful and mighty God in heaven who delights to save and rescue lost sinners. This book will stir the believer's heart and encourage the Christian worker to labor on, as the gospel ministry is a great and privileged calling.

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The recounting of the story of Revival on the Scottish Isle of Lewis in the late 1940's. It is a fascinating blend of history, biography and testimony. It includes the eye-witness accounts from Duncan Campbell & Mary Peckham.

'...a blend of history, biography and reports as well as several testimonies of those blessed on the Isle of Lewis, off the west coast of Scotland, during the 1949-52 awakening. This will become for those burdened with revival a primary and powerful resource for understanding God's ways in sending "times of refeshing" for His people.' --Rev. Dr. Ted S. Rendall, Chancellor Emeritus, Prairie Bible Institute, Author of Fire in the Church

'...provides ringing affirmation that God is still on His throne and delights to make bare His mighty arm in revival when His people get serious with Him.' --Rev. Richard Owen Roberts, Author of Scotland saw His Glory

'Here you can read Duncan Campbell's own reports, along with eyewitness records (including that of Mary) of those amazing days, and a description of the characteristics of the revival. ...the desparate state of our society and the church which bears the name of Christ should drive us to pray with the Psalmist, "Will You not revive us again, O Lord?" --Rev. Peter Grainger, Senior Pastor, Charlotte Baptist Chapel, Edinburgh

'In a time of extreme apathy among Christian people, yet when talk about revival has become trendy, many Christians have no real concept of true God-sent revival. May this publication be used to provide a clearer understanding of revival and also create a longing that God, in His providence, may revive us again and awaken His church which, in many places, has settled for death.' --Rev Tom Shaw, Minister of Donaghey Congregational Church, N. Ireland, Honorary President of the Faith Mission

'I cannot recall any book on revival that I have read that has given me greater pleasure, held my attention more, and incited my longing for a new visitation from God more than this one.' --Rev. Brian Edwards

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