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Save $5 when you purchase $15 worth of printed(not Kindle) Granted Ministries book at the Amazon Prime Sale. Details Here. Here is a list to our books:

Justification & Regeneration

Law of Christ

Polishing God's Monuments

Foundations for the Flock

Ever, only, ALL for Thee

Hidden Life of Prayer and Prayer Life of our Lord

In Light of Eternity

The Person of Christ

Pilgrim of the Heavenly Way

Thoughts for Young Men

Paul Washer Bundle Sale


Check out the $25 Paul Washer Recovering the Gospel series Bundle!

Each single book of the series is available for $11.50, so at the Bundle price of $25 you save over $3 off each book or  just under $10 total savings! That's almost like getting one of the books for free.

Foundations for the Flock eBook is here!

Today, we released the ebook version of Conrad Mbewe's Foundations for the Flock. It is available today from our site in epub and Kindle formats. It should also be available soon at the Apple iBookstore and on Amazon.

Pastor's Sketches eBook is here!

Read all about it here.

Person of Christ eBook is done!

Person of Christ eBook is done! This is a great book, unique in its approach, elegant in its writing, superb in its practical helpfulness. The author proves Christ's divinity by looking at who He was as a man who walked the same earth you tread.

Check out the announcement here.

Gospel for New England Conference

Reccomended Conference:

Gospel for New England Conference

August 16th-17th, 2013

Deering Center Community Church, Portland, ME

Conference header

Pursuing God by Jim Elliff Reprint

Granted Ministries has begun preprations to reprint Jim Elliff's book Pursuing God. Pre-Orders can be taken here

Status updates can be found here.

Pastor's Sketches Hardback Pre-Order

pre-order offer

What is this book about?

We are pleased to bring to print a new, more user-friendly edition of this wonderful classic.

A Pastor’s Sketches: Conversations with Anxious Souls Concerning the Way of Salvationby Ichabod Spencer (1798-1854) is in our opinion one of the finest books ever written on the subject of evangelistic and pastoral ministry. It should rightly take its place on the desk of every pastor, but its usefulness is in no way limited to pastors. Any person wanting to know how to engage lost people better in evangelistic conversations or how to help souls carefully find rest in Christ will be tremendously helped.

The book consists almost entirely of private conversations had by the author with individuals concerned about their souls. Spencer made it a practice to carefully record his conversations of this nature in order to assist him in his pastoral work. These two volumes (now published together) were selected from those records in order to provide an example for others, and also to deal publicly with a very wide range of objections to the Christian message. The accounts are not dressed up in any way, and Spencer's simplicity and earnestness with others are evident throughout. There are so many things in the Christian life that are easier caught than taught, and being written in this way, you are able to catch some of what Pastor Spencer is doing as he counsels souls.

Some of these accounts are long, about 40 pages, and others are only about three pages. But each account stands on its own, so you can pick up and read only a chapter if you like, or you can skip forward to something that grabs your attention. But regardless of the length, each and every encounter demonstrates utter faithfulness, love, and patience with concerned souls. His methods are extremely faithful to Scripture and his zeal for the glory of Christ is as clear as his dependence on the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit.

If you are truly concerned to faithfully deal with souls, and if you will read this book making notes for yourself, and will revisit those notes, then this book is worth its weight in gold. As one reviewer has said, “Ichabod does not come to people with eloquent speech or powerful rhetoric. No, he comes boldly and humbly to people with the best that he has to offer: the Word of God. What you see when reading these conversations is the Word of God at work and bearing fruit and Ichabod as simply the vessel for it.”

Spencer does write from a Presbyterian perspective, so his views on infant baptism come into play in one or two chapters, as well as his views on Covenant Theology. We disagree with his views as stated, but have no hesitation heartily recommending such an masterful book.
What others are saying:

“These sketches show a doctrinal depth and an experiential savvy perfectly meshed in one who had the cure of souls as his passion. He dare not intrude on God's work and he dare not omit anything that was his to do. Knowing when to stop is almost as important as knowing what to say. Spencer takes us to school on this eternally important issue."—Tom Nettles

“Spencer is a master at flushing sinners out of hiding and directing them to Jesus Christ for salvation through Spirit-worked, simple faith. A Pastor's Sketches is a compelling read for pastors and Christian workers; its pages contain the nuts and bolts of biblical evangelism, taught via authentic dialogs."—Joel Beeke

"A Pastor's Sketches is a sobering and challenging reminder that the Holy Spirit is the true agent of conversion. This book is urgently needed today when so much of our evangelism is patterned after current marketing methods. It has deeply convicted me to always seek to be in tune with the Holy Spirit as I minister to others." - Jerry Bridges
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Why a new edition?

At Granted Ministries we strive to offer the best material available on the subjects we address (hoping all the time to expand our scope). This book by Spencer is simply one of the most amazing and remarkable books on personal evangelistic counseling we have come across. We know of no other more helpful book than this one for the subject matter covered. But at the same time, we saw ways to improve its value to the reader, and have moved ahead to address these.

First, the book has two new appendices. The first contains sketch summaries in which each chapter, or sketch, is given a brief summary along the following three points: (1) a recount of the reservations/
hesitations/problems of the person; (2) Spencer's method of treating him/her; (3) the chief point to be learned from the sketch. The second appendix is a subject index of every sketch, based on the summary index. These two appendices makes it much easier to locate sketches which correspond to difficulties and subjects with which you may be dealing at any given time as you counsel with others.

Second, we felt that while the book was already offered by Solid Ground Christian Books at a very reasonable price, jointly publishing the book with them would allow us to feature a much more attractive and durable hardback edition while at the same time keeping the cost low for you. We don't want you to have to spend any more than necessary for good books that last.

So our hope is that this new edition will provide more useful content and will last longer as a much-consulted reference for your kingdom work.

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Pre-Order Offer.

First offer - The retail price for this new book is $40.00. We are offering it for a pre-order sale price of $18.00, plus shipping.  That is a great price on a classic book: 55% off!
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When will the books ship?

The book will be shipped to customers beginning no later than the 8th of April. Depending on the quantity of pre-orders, it may take us a couple days to get them all mailed out.

Please pass along this email to anyone who you think might benefit from the book.
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Pastor's Sketches Hardback Update

Title: Pastor's Sketches by Ichabod Spencer.
Brief Description: Bringing the paperback version over to Hardback, adding a summary index and subject index.
Status: Cover at Printer. Formatting the new Sketch Summaries and Subject Index.
Expected Release Date: Fellowship Conference (Easter 2013)

Project Statuses Jan.1

Title: Pastor's Sketches by Ichabod Spencer.
Brief Description: Bringing the paperback version over to Hardback, adding a summary index and subject index.
Status: Preparing Summary and Subject Index, new Cover.
Expected Release Date: Fellowship Conference (Easter 2013)

Title: Pastor's Sketches eBook by Ichabod Spencer.
Brief Description: Bringing the paperback version over to eBook formats.
Status: Editing.
Expected Release Date: 2013

Title: The Person of Christ eBook by Philip Schaff.
Brief Description: Bringing the paperback version over to eBook formats.
Status: Planning
Expected Release Date: 2013