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Gospel According to Jesus | John MacArthur

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Over the past several decades, Evangelical Christians have been fiercely debating the true nature of saving faith in Christ. Some believe that a person can place their faith in Christ for salvation and yet persist in a sinful lifestyle, even growing more wicked as the years go by. Some call this “easy-believism.” But others believe that true, saving faith in Christ will necessarily result in a lifestyle of growing love for God and man, so that a true believer will grow in holiness, not sinfulness, having submitted his life to the authority of Jesus. This is often called “lordship salvation.” This debate continues, and no end is in sight.

John MacArthur’s The Gospel According to Jesus is perhaps the classic book on this issue. He firmly and clearly sets forth the lordship salvation position. His method for proving this is simple: he goes through the teachings of Jesus Himself, as portrayed in the four gospels, and shows how He expects that His true followers will obey Him.

This issue cannot be ignored. If easy-believism is correct, then lordship salvation wrongly places a heavy burden on the “carnal Christians,” telling them that they are still under the wrath of God. But if lordship salvation is true, then many professing Christians are indeed on the road to Hell, for many professing Christians live with complete disregard for the commands of Christ—and easy-believism helps them on to their eternal torment.

If you are a pastor or teacher, it is especially necessary for you to examine this issue, for you have a special care over the souls of the people under you. MacArthur’s book will greatly help you in your investigation. But really, every professing Christian must look into this question, whether or not our teachers do, since in the end we all—individually—must give an account to God.

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“What does it mean for Jesus to be both Savior and Lord of my life?”
Over the past fifty years, a handful of books have become true classics, revered world-wide for their crystal clear presentation of the gospel and lauded for their contribution to the Christian faith. These extraordinary books are read, reread, and discussed in churches, Bible study groups, and homes everywhere.

John MacArthur’s Gospel According to Jesus is one of these books.

When it was first published in 1988, few could predict that this volume would touch off a firestorm. Ironic, indeed, given the simple question on which it is based: What does Jesus mean when he says, “Follow me”?

The answer—as MacArthur wrote—may not be what you think.

John MacArthur tackles the error of easy-believism. Is it possible to accept Jesus as Savior while refusing him as Lord? Can someone truly believe without repenting? How do obedience, commitment to Christ, and turning from sin fit together with the truth that we are saved by grace through faith alone? In this book, MacArthur carefully answers these questions in light of Jesus’ own ministry—that a humble spirit of unconditional surrender to Jesus’ rightful authority as both Lord and Savior is the very essence of genuine faith.

The Gospel According to Jesus is just as powerful today as it was more than two decades ago. It is a Scripture-based clarion call for a rejection of the watered-down message that has gained popularity in the church and a return to the gospel Jesus preached.

The 20th anniversary edition adds a powerful new chapter to the complete text of the original classic, reinforcing the book’s timeless message—that Jesus demands to be both Savior and Lord to all who believe.

The book is compulsory reading for Christians from all walks of life and will help guide you into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

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