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Dangers of the Invitation System | Jim Ehrhard

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Dangers of the Invitation System is a very persuasive work on this critical issue. Many churches today place an unhealthy emphasis on the method of the "altar call" and so trust in its results that they are completely unaware of its very real dangers, or of any other possible mode of evangelism. This book will be for many a healthy wake-up call concerning a practice that is hurting the health of many churches. If you know someone (friends, family, evangelist, pastor, etc.) who employs the altar call in their presentation of the gospel, you need to get this booklet into their hands.


Section headings are as follows:

I. Introduction

II. The Dangers
  A. The danger of promoting a method not promoted in Scripture.
B. The danger of eliciting an emotional response based upon the personality of the speaker or the persuation of the appeal.
C. The danger of confusing the "coming forward" with salvation.
D. The danger of counting great numbers who only discredit their profession by their lives.
E. The danger of giving assurance to those who are unconverted.

III. A Better Way
A. We must learn to trust the power of God's Word to convince, convert, and change lives.
B. We must urgently appeal to all men to come to Christ now.

IV. Conclusion



Author Jim Ehrhard writes...
"As a young minister, I once made the 'mistake' of closing a Wednesday evening service without extending a public invitation. Early the next morning, an irate husband came to my office. for the first time in years, his unsaved wife had come with him to church. 'If you had only given an invitation,' he angrily explained, 'she would have gone down the aisle.'"

What follows is an explanation of five dangers of the public altar call system. You will find this presentation to be a compelling treatise on this critical subject.

Jim Ehrhard is a pastor, professor, and author. He travels extensively overseas, teaching in seminaries and Bible institutes. Jim leads Teaching Resources, a ministry he founded, based in Little Rock, Arkansas.