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Covenant Theology

Covenant Theology is as old as the Protestant Reformation, and among professional theologians it may be the most popular system for understanding the relationship between the Old and New Covenants. It asserts that these two covenants are actually just two phases of one covenant, “the one covenant of grace.” This union of the covenants allows us to believe that God’s plan for history is unified, even though the Old and New Covenants look quite different. However, we at Granted Ministries think that, though this system rightfully attempts to keep the covenants united, it actually misunderstands the very nature of both covenants. We offer these resources to help you think through this issue.

  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 Gospel in the Sabbath | John Reisinger
    LEVEL 2 This is a thought-provoking message on the Sabbath and its fulfillment in Christ. Many Christians are under the impression that the Sabbath commandment was a universal, eternal law from God which even Christians...
  • Granted Ministries Article
    $0.00 Is There a Covenant of Grace? | Jon Zens
    LEVEL 3 Jon Zens observes that many Baptists have been undergoing a reformation of doctrine, mainly as they come into contact with Covenant Theology. This reformation generally includes an acceptance of Calvinism and a...
  • Granted Ministries Article
    $0.00 Examination of the Presuppositions of Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology | Jon Zens
    LEVEL 3 We offer several articles that deal with properly understanding the covenants of Scripture. But of all these articles, this one by Zens is the most complete. It describes the two most common theological views on the...
  • Granted Ministries Article
    $0.00 Covenant of Works? | John Reisinger
    LEVEL 3 Reisinger briefly deals with whether a “covenant of works,” as defined by Covenant Theology, was made with Adam. His answer is a simple, “no.” This short article sheds some light on...