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If you desire to be a missionary, then you should learn from the experience of those who have lived that life, so that you do not enter into it with nothing but ignorant zeal, and so that you can have wisdom to guide you once you're in it. Other Christians may also read these biographies to have their faith strengthened and to learn how to support missionaries better.

  • Behind The Ranges Front Cover
    $14.99 $9.00 Behind the Ranges: The Story of J. O. Fraser | Geraldine Taylor
    LEVEL 2 This classic, pioneer missionary biography will not disappoint anyone wanting to learn more about prayer or missions in China (and we recommend it to such). James O. Fraser (1886-1938) was led by God to work among...
  • Pilgrim front cover
    $15.00 $8.50 Pilgrim of the Heavenly Way | Daniel Smith
    LEVEL 2 The missionary biography has become a standard, classic genre of Christian literature. Those considering becoming missionaries are considered great fools unless they have digested several of these (for how else will...