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Bob Jennings


Photo used by permission. © Sara Tafoya Photography 2010.

Bob Jennings began a pastoral ministry in Kirksville, Missouri in 1978 in the church that now meets at Lake Road Chapel. In 1983 he moved to Sedalia, Missouri to pastor a small flock which God had raised up in that city (now meeting at Highway M Chapel). Bob spoke at many conferences both in the United States and Eastern Europe. He also did evangelism outreach on various university campuses over the years. The Lord blessed Bob and his wife Terri with five children. Bob is respected as a godly man by all who knew him, perhaps most by his family. You can find encouragement from his many messages online, and also from his online journal which he kept during his days with cancer. Bob fell asleep in the Lord November of 2012.

Granted Ministries is forever indebted to Bob Jennings for his care, example, and preaching of the Word of God.

  • Granted Ministries CD
    $0.00 Choose Options Granted Ministries Conference 2008: The Majesty of the Gospel of Christ | Various Speakers
    LEVEL 2 Though the Granted Ministries Conference 2008 was dedicated to “the Majesty of the Gospel of Christ,” any proper discussion of the gospel must turn to Christ Himself, and so these messages deal...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 Seeking God | Bob Jennings
    LEVEL 1 This message was the last to be given at the HeartCry Missionary Conference 2005, on the Attributes of God, and it makes a fitting end to the whole series. After hearing ten wonderful messages about God, the...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $0.00 Choose Options HeartCry Missionary Conference 2005: The Attributes of God | Various Speakers
    LEVEL 1 This was a three-day conference dedicated to the attributes of God, and it was absolutely wonderful. Paul Washer’s three messages on the holiness of God were both sound and zealous. Mike Durham handled the...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 Prayer | Bob Jennings
    LEVEL 1 In Christian experience, perhaps nothing is so vital as prayer. And yet, it is often one of the least understood and oft-neglected areas of the Christian life. For these two reasons every Christian needs...
  • Granted Ministries CD
    $2.00 Besetting Sin | Bob Jennings
    LEVEL 2 Text: Hebrews 12:1-4 So often as Christians we can fall into the lie and trap that our sins are too great for us: that their grip is simply too strong and we will never be free. This sermon by Bob Jennings...
  • Bob Jennings Collection MP3 | Bob Jennings
    $2.00 Bob Jennings Collection MP3 | Bob Jennings
    LEVEL 2 This collection contains four messages by Bob Jennings. "Able to Save to the Uttermost" is a look at Christ as our intercessor. It covers our need of an intercessor, His qualifications, the subjects of His...
  • Able to Save to the Uttermost | Bob Jennings
    $2.00 Able to Save to the Uttermost | Bob Jennings
    LEVEL 1 Text: Hebrews 7:25 This message from Bob Jennings is a thrilling look at our high priest, our intercessor. The message considers the passage under the following headings: (1) the need of an...