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Biblical Eldership | Alexander Strauch

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Many people make the claim that the Bible does not set forth any clear pattern for church structure, but such a claim is mistaken. The nature of the church, and the means by which she should be led and governed, are very important subjects. Though this book is not immediately concerned with the nature of the church, it is a remarkable book concerning pastoral leadership and church government. Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch should be required reading for all church leaders; we simply know of no greater treatment of the subjects it covers. Because the book sticks so closely to the biblical text, the lessons are immediately practical for any church, no matter the size or the culture. Throughout the book, Strauch's argument is detailed, straightforward, easy to understand, and conclusive in its force. Every New Testament text dealing with the pastoral role is examined with the utmost care and fairness. The author refrains from pushing his own agenda or position onto any text and allows the Bible to speak for itself. Because of this, the book is a very strong and clear presentation of God's way of organizing His church. Biblical Eldership will truly profit any person who desires to know what the Bible says and who would also accept the help of a sure-footed guide. If you are involved in starting a new church, you surely ought to read this book cover to cover. Prepare to be instructed and encouraged.

We would like to offer one note of caution at this point, which is no caution about the book itself. We caution pastors and leaders of churches, where the Bible is not being followed, that they should be careful not to lead and bring change at a rate which out-paces the consciences of the church. Much damage has been done over the years by men pushing for good changes in foolish and hasty ways.

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It is not enough merely to have an eldership; the eldership must be actively functioning, competent, and spiritually alive.

With over 140,000 copies sold, this comprehensive look at the role and function of elders brings all the advantages of shared leadership into focus. Beginning with the four broad categories of eldership (leading, feeding, caring, and protecting), Biblical Eldership explores the essential work of elders, their qualifications (including why qualifications are necessary), their relationships with each other, and each of the biblical passages related to eldership. Written for those seeking a clear understanding of the mandate for biblical eldership, this book defines it accurately, practically, and according to Scripture.

“Mr. Strauch has made a fine contribution to the subject of eldership. I am confident that it will be helpful to many.” –John MacArthur, Jr., Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA

“At last, a thorough biblical study on the function and ministry of elders! New churches will find it a valuable guideline to effective functioning and older churches will find it a trustworthy corrective.” –Ray Stedman, former pastor and elder, Peninsula Bible Church, Palo Alto, CA

“An excellent text for the study of eldership by men interested in the work of an elder. Strauch is a man of gift and experience, and I am grateful for his work.” –S. Lewis Johnson, Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Our eldership has gone through Biblical Eldership and the study guide twice. It has been the finest investment of our time in the twelve years that I’ve been at the church.” –Bryce Jessup, President, William Jessup University

“A very useful resource for teaching the New Testament truth regarding elders in the local church. Sound, clear, and extremely important. Recommended.” –Reformation & Revival Journal

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